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  • Happy Customer

    I can't even express the gratitude I have for you and your craftsmanship. I finally had the chance to open my package and it's my new favourite piece!

  • Llinos M.

    Ahhh this is amazing! So amazing. Honestly, I'd love to have seen stuff like this when I was younger. This means so much for representation.

  • Dr Maryam S.

    I'm so happy that everyone gets acknowledged!!! This made me tear up, amazing!

  • Happy Customer

    Thank you for doing your incredible work and shifting the narrative around short stature people.

  • Emma O.

    The joy I felt when I saw your brand is unmatched!

  • Millie S.

    Thank you so much, you don't understand how thankful I am for my dress and the shoes I am so grateful for you.

  • SMC

    Fantastic. Being part of this community I often struggle. Being approx 145cm tall and sometimes 'plus size' too. I saw a TikTok of someone wearing one of your suits to their graduation. I would love one for a formal do of my own in the future, will keep my eyes peeled!

  • Amanda B.

    Thank you. This mission you're on to create accessible fashion for people with short stature is something I've desperately longed for my entire 30 years. I have pseudo-achondroplasia and am 4'8".

  • Macey W.

    We just received the package with my daughter's jogger's and sweat shirts. I cannot even put into words the look on her face when she saw them. Thank you so very much for what you do. Hearing my daughter say, "Mom!!! They fit me!!! They fit my arms and legs!" Means the world to me as a mother. She can't wait to wear them!

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“I can have a suit that fits me and I feel comfortable in.”

“I'm grateful for Chamiah's work. Because of her, I can have a suit that fits me and I feel comfortable in. There are barely any adult-styled clothes on the market that are catered to people of a shorter statute and to know that there is someone actively trying to change that. It means everything.”

Happy customer

“DEWEY is getting us one step closer to a feeling of equality within the fashion industry”

“As a teenage girl of short stature, I dreamt of one day being able to just walk into the shops and pick clothes out like all my friends. Every girl dreams of the perfect prom dress, wedding dress.... But being short stature, your biggest dream is just for trousers that you don't have to roll up 5 times. DEWEY is getting us one step closer to a feeling of equality within the fashion industry.”


“I love everything your brand stands for”

“I just wanted to say that I ordered some kitten heels and received them a few days ago - I absolutely love them and I love everything your brand stands for it's so hard to find shoes that fit me, as a person of short stature - looking forward to wearing them to a wedding event in a few days!!!”

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