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Fashion Template Book for Wheelchair-users

Fashion Template Book for Wheelchair-users

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Introducing the world's first fashion template books designed specifically for wheelchair users! Our books feature illustrations of different body types in wheelchairs, providing a new and exciting way for young people and aspiring designers to express their creativity and learn about disability and difference.

With our fashion template books, you'll have access to a range of silhouette's that are tailored specifically for wheelchair users.

Our books are also a great tool for educating children about disability and difference. By showcasing different body types in wheelchairs, we aim to promote understanding and acceptance of disability within the fashion industry and beyond.

Whether you're looking to try your hand at designing your own clothing or just enjoy creating different outfits, our fashion template books provide the perfect platform to showcase your unique style and creativity.


Remember to tag us in your designs @chamiahdeweyfashion!!

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