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DEWEY: Fashioning a Sustainable Legacy – One Purchase, One Tribe, One Planet at a Time

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where style meets sustainability, DEWEY is making waves with a mission that goes beyond the hemlines and silhouettes. Partnering with One Tribe, we're not just changing the face of fashion but also contributing to the preservation of our planet's vital lungs – the rainforests.

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Dewey x One Tribe: A Partnership for Change

With every DEWEY purchase, you're not just adding a stylish piece to your wardrobe; you're becoming a part of a movement to save indigenous trees. Our collaboration with One Tribe is more than a transaction; it's a commitment to combat the environmental impact of fashion practices.

DEWEY proudly participates in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change, aligning with the UN Sustainability Goals. Together, we're tackling climate change head-on. It's not just about fashion; it's about making a difference.

To date, your DEWEY purchases have saved 2150 trees, offset 590 tonnes of carbon, preserved 11 acres of precious land, and prevented 128 worth of car emissions. Each buy contributes to our fight against the climate crisis, reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and leaving a positive mark on the planet.


the rainforest is pictured from above. Overlayed is text station ‘2125 trees protected’ with UN sustainability goals below.

One Tribe serves as the vital link between DEWEY, our customers, and rainforest protection projects. In real-time, we track the climate impact of your contributions, ensuring transparency and accountability.


The Why Behind Rainforests

Rainforests aren't just exotic landscapes; they're the lungs of our planet. DEWEY's commitment directly aids in protecting these critical ecosystems, removing and storing CO2 from our atmosphere.

  1. Your Purchase: DEWEY makes a donation on your behalf.
  2. We Protect: Certified donations go to conservation partners.
  3. We All Reduce CO2: Funds support projects that cut and store CO2.

One Tribe connects DEWEY to rainforest protection charities, enabling direct contributions to safeguard the land, indigenous tribes, and biodiversity. Through monthly payments, DEWEY supports on-the-ground projects, continuing the vital work of protecting threatened rainforests.

image of a lake on the rainforest with a boat of multiple people on. The water is a greenish brown.

The Fashion Industry's Environmental Toll

The fashion industry, a powerful player in pollution, contributes 8-10% of global emissions. Fast fashion, with its rapid turnover and environmental exploitation, exacerbates this impact. Cheap materials, unsustainable practices, and a throwaway culture create a significant ecological footprint.

To address this, we must promote sustainable fashion practices. DEWEY stands against the detrimental effects of fast fashion, advocating for responsible choices that benefit our planet.


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While the mantra "the most sustainable option is the one already in your wardrobe" resonates, it overlooks a crucial aspect. With over 2.5 billion people under 5ft unaccounted for by the fashion industry, DEWEY believes in making fashion responsibly to bridge this gap. Our commitment to sustainable practices extends beyond the individual garment to include inclusivity in sizing and representation.

DEWEY's partnership with One Tribe isn't just about fashion; it's a step towards a sustainable and inclusive future. As you make a statement with your style, you're also making a statement for the planet. Let's continue this journey together, one purchase at a time, leaving a positive impact on both fashion and the environment.

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