At Dewey, we are revolutionising fashion for millions of adults globally who measure under 5ft. While other brands overlook this demographic, we bridge the gap by offering stylish, sustainable apparel off-the-rack, ensuring everyone can find clothes that fit and flatter.


Our founder, Chamiah, had a vision to design empowering, sustainable fashion from a young age. Inspired by a participant on the NCS Youth Programme, she began by creating short stature fashion and adaptive clothing for a community long ignored. At just 23, while pursuing an Enterprise Diploma at UAL and working full-time, Chamiah launched the initial DEWEY collection. The collection sold out swiftly and gained significant media recognition, cementing DEWEY as the go-to brand in the UK for fashion tailored for dwarfism, short stature, and adaptive clothing.

After three years of dedicated research and development, Chamiahs designs garnered significant interest, leading to successful small-scale production runs. Demand surpassed our production capabilities, and our efforts were rewarded with six awards, grants, and crowdfunding. This enabled us to test and perfect our designs before investing in new collections to reach a wider audience.


Responding to customer feedback and market insights, we expanded our mission to include extra petite individuals (4'6" - 5ft), addressing a significant gap in the petite clothing market. While many high-street retailers offer petite sizes, they cater to average body types around 5- 54”. Our expansion ensures that millions of adults globally can now find clothing that truly fits.

Uncompromising Fit and Quality

At Dewey, we're obsessed with one thing above all else: achieving the ultimate fit for every body under 5ft. It's not just a goal; it's our number one priority. From meticulously crafted designs to rigorous testing and refinement, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for unparalleled quality and comfort. 


We believe that every individual deserves clothing that fits them like a glove, empowering them to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. With unwavering dedication and attention to detail, we're committed to delivering garments that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Ethical and Sustainable

Sustainability is woven into DEWEY’s ethos. We meticulously research sustainable, cost-effective fabrics and trims, commit to recyclable packaging, and utilise biodegradable materials where feasible. Partnerships with circular fashion platforms and ethical manufacturers reflect our dedication to a sustainable supply chain, ensuring fair treatment and payment for every hand that touches a DEWEY product.


DEWEY’s commitment to inclusivity and sustainability sets new standards in the fashion industry. We produce short runs of capsule collections to minimise waste, collaborate with celebrities to enhance product desirability, and prioritise the use of recycled or regenerated fibres. By creating timeless, contemporary designs that are cherished for years, we contribute to a shift away from fast fashion and its environmental impact.


Join us at DEWEY as we empower shorter individuals, foster inclusivity, and lead the charge towards a more sustainable fashion future.