Revolutionising Fashion for people under 5ft

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Our story

Chamiah Dewey Fashion is the UK’s first clothing brand for people of short stature under 5ft.

We offer stylish, timeless pieces, made in eco-conscious fabrics; finished with innovative, adaptive fastenings.

Chamiah Dewey Fashion addresses the critical issue of the lack of positive representation of short stature people, especially in the fashion industry. We directly challenge societal perceptions of short people that have been conditioned into society for hundreds of years.

  • Inclusive fashion template books

    We were really passionate to bring fashion design to people who are otherwise ignored by the fashion industry. Shop here to get designing.

  • Blog

    Find out more about our practices, styling our pieces, dressing for short stature bodies and the latest trends on our blog.

  • Sustainability

    We aim to always use eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable fabrics or recycled fabrics; look here to learn more.

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