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Our Story

At Dewey, we are revolutionising fashion for millions of adults globally who measure under 5ft.
While other brands overlook this demographic, we bridge the gap by offering stylish, sustainable apparel off-the-rack, ensuring everyone can find clothes that fit and flatter.

Our founder, Chamiah, had a vision to design empowering, sustainable fashion from a young age. Inspired by a participant on the NCS Youth Programme, she began by creating short stature fashion and adaptive clothing for a community long ignored. At just 23, while pursuing an Enterprise Diploma at UAL and working full-time, Chamiah launched the initial DEWEY collection. The collection sold out swiftly and gained significant media recognition, cementing DEWEY as the go-to brand in the UK for fashion tailored for short stature, and accessible clothing.

After three years of dedicated research and development, Chamiah’s designs garnered significant interest, leading to successful small-scale production runs. Demand surpassed our production capabilities, and our efforts were rewarded with six awards, grants, and crowdfunding. This enabled us to test and perfect our designs before investing in new collections to reach a wider audience.

Responding to customer feedback and market insights, we expanded our mission to include extra petite individuals (4'6" - 5ft), addressing a significant gap in the petite clothing market. While many high-street retailers offer petite sizes, they cater to average body types around 5’ - 5’4”. Our expansion ensures that millions of adults globally can now find
clothing that truly fits.

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What is DEWEY and who is it for?

DEWEY is revolutionising fashion for individuals globally who measure 5ft and under. While other brands overlook your extra petite frames, we're bridging the gap by providing stylish, sustainable apparel that fits every BODY off-the-rack.
Shopping shouldn't be stressful. We all need to slow down, make more time for self care and spend quality time with our loved ones.
We exist to help individuals, five feet tall or shorter, who love timeless fashion and want stylish clothes that fit. With our unique size charts, we help you pick the right styles and sizes. No more buying clothes you don't like or that don't fit, and no more costly, time-consuming alterations, giving you the time to nurture yourself and enjoy special moments with family and friends.

Our commitment to sustainability

By partnering with manufacturers who share our values, we ensure the people who make our clothes are treatedAt DEWEY, we are dedicated to building a future where ethical fashion is accessible to every individual under 5ft, without compromising the well-being of our planet. Our commitment to sustainability extends across every aspect of our business, from sourcing materials to fostering community engagement. While we acknowledge that we're not perfect, we are unwavering in our pursuit of continuous improvement.

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