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Our Story

Chamiah's vision for DEWEY began with a childhood dream of designing empowering fashion for women. In 2018, during her work on the NCS youth program, Chamiah connected with a participant who had Dwarfism, gaining insights into the struggles faced by all adults under 5ft in finding suitable clothing. Discovering a gap in the industry, Chamiah pioneered DEWEY in 2020, fuelled by passion and dedication to inclusive fashion.

At the age of 23, while pursuing an Enterprise Diploma at UAL and working full-time, Chamiah managed to commission a custom mannequin and gather crucial data. She launched the initial DEWEY collection, swiftly selling out and gaining significant media recognition.

In response to customer feedback and market insights, DEWEY expanded its mission to include extra petite individuals (4'6" - 5ft). This strategic move, rooted in inclusivity, has not only addressed unmet needs but also strengthened the DEWEY community, setting new standards for true inclusivity within the world of fashion.

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What is DEWEY and who is it for?

We design, timeless, sustainable fashion for individuals 5ft and under, delivered to your door.

Offering a unique size chart to ensure the ultimate fit with various arm and leg inseam lengths and multiple body shape options, we make it easy to dress confidently for body type and height, without the need to wait for costly alterations.

  • Ethicacy at our core

    Designing with Purpose, Sustaining People & Planet. 

    At Dewey, our commitment to ethicacy permeates every aspect of our brand, from design to delivery. For our customers, it means providing stylish, sustainable fashion that not only fits perfectly but also aligns with their values. They can trust that every piece they purchase reflects our dedication to ethical sourcing, fair labour practices, and environmental responsibility. For investors, it signifies investing in a brand that prioritises long-term sustainability and social impact, ensuring a return on investment that extends beyond financial gains. Suppliers can expect transparent partnerships built on mutual respect and shared goals of ethical production and innovation. And for the planet, it means reducing our carbon footprint, minimising waste, and preserving natural resources for future generations. Ethicacy isn't just a buzzword for us—it's a fundamental principle that guides every decision we make, fostering a community rooted in purpose and sustainability.

  • Uncompromising fit and quality

    Striving to achieve the perfect fit for every body.

    At Dewey, we're obsessed with one thing above all else: achieving the perfect fit for every body. It's not just a goal; it's our number one priority. From meticulously crafted designs to rigorous testing and refinement, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for unparalleled quality and comfort. Because we believe that every individual deserves clothing that fits them like a glove, empowering them to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. With unwavering dedication and attention to detail, we're committed to delivering garments that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

  • Future Focused

    Disrupting the fashion industry with divine timing.

    In the realm of inclusive fashion, we embody a disruptive spirit that transcends conventional boundaries. With each creation, we view our commitment to making clothes that fit for every body under 5ft as an opportunity to challenge norms and redefine the fashion landscape. Our purpose is clear: to foster growth and empowerment for individuals under 5ft by providing them with clothing options that reflect their unique identities. We embrace an agile mindset, leveraging technology, AI, and human interaction to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our diverse community. In this dynamic environment, our adaptability ensures that we remain at the forefront of innovation, pioneering new solutions and setting the standard for inclusive fashion

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates and cherishes individuals under 5ft. Where everyone is valued, seen, and empowered to express their unique style.

Our Fabric Standard

We believe that sourcing ethical and eco-friendly materials is crucial for both our planet and the people involved in the production of our clothes. By choosing sustainable materials, we reduce our impact on the environment and work towards a more responsible and mindful fashion industry. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing is not just a trend; it's a core value that guides every aspect of our business.

Who Made Your Clothes?

By partnering with manufacturers who share our values, we ensure the people who make our clothes are treated with respect and paid fairly for their work. It also allows us to build a stronger connection with our customers, who can feel confident knowing that the clothes they wear were made by skilled artisans who take pride in their craft.

We are currently in the process of updating and streamlining our manufacturing process, providing ethical, inclusive fashion, at an affordable price.

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