What is Inclusivity?  

Inclusivity means embracing diversity in all its forms. It’s about recognising and respecting differences in age, appearance, ethnicity, gender identity, language, socio-economic status, religion, physical and mental ability, physical appearance and more. It’s about creating a world where everyone feels seen, valued, and included. 

Chamiah Dewey / Founder

listening to you 

We’ve spent three years talking with you, your families, and your friends to understand your needs. This input has helped us design a clothing range that not only fits your body well, it’s fit’s your lifestyle and helps to improve your self confidence. 

our promise  

At DEWEY, inclusivity is more than a buzzword. We promise to listen to you and serve you, regardless of skin tone, abilities, and diversity. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to our business practices with timeless designs, sustainable practices, financial accessibility and a diverse and inclusive team. 

why its important 

Inclusivity in fashion is about more than just clothing. It’s about creating a community that embraces diversity, celebrates individuality, and empowers people regardless of height or ability. 

Why Do We Need Inclusivity? 

Living in a truly inclusive world means everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. It's essential because:


•          The average reading age in the UK is just 9 years old.

•          67 million people in America speak English as a second language.

•          285 million people globally are living with sight loss and visual impairments.

•          1 in 7 people are neurodiverse.

•          The average height of women in the U.S and U.K is 5’3”  

•          42 million adults in the U.S. and U.K measure 5ft or under


These statistics highlight the diversity of our global community and the necessity for inclusive practices that cater to everyone’s needs.


A Height Inclusive Brand  

DEWEY is the world's first height-inclusive brand for all adults under 5ft. We design sustainable, accessible fashion with a unique size chart so you can find your ultimate fit whether you are looking for petite clothing or extra petite clothing online, our mission is to help ALL individuals under 5ft dress for their body type with clothing that fits well and looks stylish.



Join us in redefining inclusive fashion. Together, we can create a world where height is a source of pride, not an obstacle. 

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