Little Person Xmas Gift Guide

Little Person Xmas Gift Guide

The Christmas countdown is officially on & whilst many take this season as a time to relax- the reality is not so pretty on the high-street. So we are here to share a little Christmas spirit, we are giving you our little person gift guide for the holidays.

Starting off strong, (and my personal favourite stocking filler) our own fashion template books. The world’s first fashion illustration books for little people and wheelchair-user bundle! The 50 page, A5 books are deaigned for women & girls to express and freely explore how clothing looks on their bodies. The perfect size to carry around in your bag to sketch whever you are inspired. Starting at £10 or discounted at £15 for a bundle- these make a great filler present for any little person.

A great practical & cute present for a LP is a stylish throw pillow. Because sometimes, the ratio between the back of a chair and your feet resting on the floor don’t allign as a small person. To make this experience more comfortable, a thick cushion can help mask the gap so you have a more comfortable sitting experience. Available from any supermarket and most retail stores & decorative pillow is a great gift for all and a practical apartment accessory.

Following on from this, another practical gift for a little person is a sewing machine. Have you -or a LP you know - ever struggled to find clothes that fit well? Of course you have, we are all aware of the struggles people with dwarfism face when trying to find clothes that fit properly. To solve this, we suggest gifting a sewing kit or machine as a back up for any ill-fitting clothes. This way you can gift them a skill & easily allow them to alternate clothes.

Let’s set 2023 off in style. A inexpensive gift such as wheelchair accessories is a staple present for all wheelchair users. Comfort is key & a wheelchair cushion is just what you need for the new year. Or why not customise with a wheelchair push rim cover? It can improve grip and traction of your wheelchair ; making it helpful & stylish- the perfect gift this Christmas.

Last but certainly not least, why not treat your loved one to some Chamiah Dewey clothes. Something to fit everybody, from our two collections, you are guaranteed to find that perfect gift this festive season. The core collection is for everyday wear, (durable and long-lasting). Where as our new sweat collection is the ideal lounge set this festive season -especially if you want to binge love actually just like us.

Hopefully, this has given you some festive inspiration for your loved one and a helpful guide to shopping for a little person. If your still not sure, then why not opt for a Chamiah Dewey Fashion gift card? The easy alternative for the last minute shopper or that family friend you don’t know too well.

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