Victoria’s Secret (Agenda)

Victoria’s Secret (Agenda)

Recently, the news that the iconic Victoria Secret shows are coming back to our screens has divided the internet. And we for sure couldn't be more excited to see all thing angels. However, we have some demands this time around.

One of the most notable branding changes over the past century has been VS. A brand's entire marketing stratergy build on idolising women's bodies has had to completly start from scratch with the new wave of diviersity finally coming into the fashion industry. But what have they actually done? Declining sales in this new modern age forced them to keep up with the times.

One may argue that the summer of 2019 marked the beginning of Victoria's Secret's rebranding. In response to harsh criticism for its lack of diversity, the company hired Valentina Sampaio as its first trans model that year. Edward Razik, the company's chief marketing officer, made his resignation announcement in the same month. Later, in October 2019, Victoria's Secret signed Ali Tate Cutler as its first plus-size model before permanently postponing their renowned fashion show. But, those were merely seeds..

With Les Wexner's formal resignation in March of this year, the true change began. Victoria's Secret made the first announcement that it would start selling maternity bras in April. In July, Victoria's Secret made the announcement that it would begin using curvaceous mannequins in its locations all across the country and increase representation of different body types on its website.


Notoriusly, Gen Z's desire & heavy emphasis to only support inclsuive brands has made a huge impact on not only the fashion community, but the world. So really, the only question left to ask is what do we want to see in the revival of the VS Fashion Shows? First & foremost, we want to see EVERYONE. All shapes & sizes included ; we want to see every body type being accounted for. This including short-statured people, as gone are the days of only tall, leggy blondes- now we want to watch wheelchair users or people with dwarfism. In addition to whitewashed casting. Expected is a real life representation of all of us girls.


So what changes are you expecting to see this year? Want to see what we are getting up this new year? Check out our Instagram & other socials @chamiahdeweyfashion for BTS content, polls & much sneak peaks of new drops.

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