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Best of: Accidentally Adaptive Looks This Season - Perfect If You Measure Under 5ft!

In the realm of fashion, the concept of "accidentally adaptive" takes center stage as we uncover hidden gems that accidentally cater to those under 5ft. From versatile wrap dresses to unexpectedly perfect 3/4 length sleeve blouses, these fashion finds not only offer a touch of accessibility for a diverse audience, but are available to purchase seamlessly online or in-store.

These items have been curated from 3 years of extensive research and experience in creating clothing for short stature people. Keep these tricks in mind when you look for other items in the future too! 

Lichi - Ribbed-knit wrap midi dress €39.99

A woman wears a brown knitted wrap dress

While it is most likely accidental, Lichi has provided us with an excellent accidentally adaptive wrap dress for the winter season. Wrap designs in clothing offer adaptability, accessible dressing, and a customisable fit, making them particularly beneficial for disabled individuals. These designs provide comfort, freedom of movement, and versatility for various occasions. The nature of the midi length too, means that for some short stature people, the length will be a flattering maxi length on them! And as we know, Maxi’s are all the rage this season.


OasisLace Insert 3/4 Sleeve Printed Woven Top £27.00

A 3/4 length sleeve blouse with lace and floral pattern in green and red.


What might seem like a mere style choice turns out to be a stroke of fashion genius. We hear it all the time from the DEWEY community that cropped sleeves effortlessly hit the sweet spot, avoiding the need for alterations and providing a stylish, ready-to-wear look for those under 5ft. This Oasis blouse, even better finished with elasticated sleeves to adapt to different arm lengths, is also made in a silky, sustainable viscose fabric. 


Urban Outfitters - BDG Denim Longline Board Shorts £29.00

A woman with olive/rich skin wears a white tank top with blue knee-length shorts/jeans.

Hear us out - the summer season cult garment this year, the *Jorts* (jean-shorts) are the epitome of an ‘accidentally adaptive’ product for our 4ft besties. The nature of their knee-length on an average height person, means that you may be able to get away with wearing them straight off the peg with no alterations needed! See our next suggestion if you’re on the taller scale of 4ft…


Next - Cropped Slim Jeans £24

A woman is pictured from the waist down wearing a cropped pair of blue slim jeans with a pair of blue kitten heels that crossover at the toe

Not only are these cropped, but they’re available in petite length, meaning they could very possibly fit you just as a regular length pair of slim jeans should! *We’re told that Next’s petite inside leg length is 23”, so if we take off an extra 3” to allow for the crop, you potentially have found yourself a pair of 20” inseam jeans… You can thank us later😏.


Accessorize - Girls check blanket scarf £14

A woman and a girl with fair skin and mousey hair pose with matching colourful check scarves and bomber jackets.

Available in women’s too, why not opt for the children’s scarf this season. Avoid a scarf overwhelming your shorter stature by picking from the girls section instead. You get the same gorgeous chunky check look, without the scraping-the-floor length that frustrates us all.



A person with fair/olive skin is pictured close up to the hand. Their hand is in their jeans pocket, exposing their collection of silver and off-white beaded bracelets. 

Another accidentally adaptive product from Accessorize is their stretch collection of jewellery. We all despise those fiddly clasps on jewellery, bracelets especially, so why not opt for stretchy jewellery instead? These beaded bracelets arguably look just as impressive, yet, a fraction of the price you’d usually pay, and can be put on with one hand or limited dexterity/mobility!


UGG - Classic Ultra Mini Boots Children £95

A woman with pale skin is pictured from the chin down, sat on a marble bench. She wears a brown leather bomber jacket with a black checkered scarf, pale blue jeans and a pair of brown mini Ugg boots

Suitable for wider feet, available in children’s sizes 13 and under, and easy to slip on and off; the cult shoe of the season, the mini UGGS are a great example of a product that wasn’t necessarily designed with accessibility in mind, yet accidentally checks lots of boxes!


In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the accidental meets the adaptive, offering inclusivity and accessibility. From wrap designs to knee-length trousers, these finds prove that sometimes the most unexpected pieces become the true heroes for those who stand at a shorter stature. DEWEY's mission is to create a world where short stature is a source of pride. After all, in the world of fashion, the best surprises often come in the form of unintentional inclusivity.

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Love these by accident adaptive looks! It’s inspiring to see trend it really is no longer solely elegant however additionally inclusive and accommodating. Keep up the great work, Dewey Clothing!


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