Our new and improved size chart

The most inclusive yet, designed for anyone under 5ft, any gender identity.

With three different inseam and sleeve lengths, so whether you stand at 3 feet tall, or 4 foot eleven, you can find off-the-rack clothing to suit your body.

Developed using data from hundreds of short stature people with all kinds of conditions and body types. This is our most inclusive size chart to date.

Shoes designed for small, but wide feet.

We partnered with The Little Shoe Store to bring you innovative, adaptive women’s shoes for people with small, but wide feet.

Currently available in UK sizes 10.5-2 (children to junior).

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Not sure about your sleeve or inseam length?

The best thing to do is to grab a tape measure and find out. But if this is tricky for you, here is an visual to help you understand the DEWEY customer.

We took data from hundreds of short stature people, this informed our size chart including the sleeve and inseam lengths. We understand that not all short stature people are the same height or body type, far from it…

The shortest entrant stood at roughly 3ft tall, and the tallest was 5ft - this gives you an idea of where you may sit on this graph, i.e. if you’re somewhere around 4ft, the middle should be perfect for you!

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