Challenges You Never Realized Little People Have To Deal With

Challenges You Never Realized Little People Have To Deal With

Have you ever took the time, to think about the daily stuggles that short-statured people face daily? Well, in this week's blog we are going to educate you on these on-going issues & what you can do to help assist with this.

Often feeling targeted by the public, it is common to make little people feel that they are on display. The constant attention can be exhausting & humiliating. Whilst being completely unnecessary,
to help avoid this discourage people you see displaying actions such as pointing, staring, derogatory comments, and outright bullying.

In addition to this, it is extremly important to understand & practice using the correct terminology for LP. Most commonly known, the term "midget" oriented in 1865 and used as a derogortary term for short-statured people.

Close to our hearts, a constant inconvience on LP is the struggle to find properly fitting clothing. They are commonly subjected to the children section or forced to adjust by wearing mini length skirts as a maxi length. CDF released the gap in this market & have begun to expand so that more people can wear comfortable clothes.

The world is not designed with little people in mind. Sadly, many ordinary things that most take for advantage are a real challenge for little people. Door handles or cupboards aren't something most people think of, but a conflict on their everyday life.

Unfortunately, most people do not recognise the needs & disadvantages of small people. Let's make a change to that ; to learn more follow our socials @Chamiahdeweyfashion.

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