Conscious Christmas- Our Top Tips

Conscious Christmas- Our Top Tips

Christmas has hastly doomed over us and unfortunatly we can all agree that the festive season brings greed. This breeding ground for over consumption needs to change and we are here to help spread some festive cheer by giving our besttips for a sustainable Christmas.

A cheap alternative to wrapping paper is to re-use any fabric/cloth for your presents. A great sustainable substitution, you can customize it to any theme and a gift that keeps on giving. Similarly, repurposing paper bags/ newspaper as a wrapping paper is a great minimlastic approach. Allowing you to customise it to your hearts content, I suggest adding some festive berries or maybe a dash of mistletoe for the ultimate present under the tree- we guarentee everyone will be hoping that it’s theirs.

Although, who needs wrapping if you give the gift of an experience. This sustainable gift could be a special exchange for you and the recipeient. Stand out from the crowd, as your gift continues on ; something exciting to look forward to, setting you up for a fun-festive new year. I know that I would love to recieve a experience this Christmas.

This Christmas why not invest locally? Shopping at small buisness’ is a much more encouraged way to stay sustainable. As its recently been revealled, that most retail/chain stores have extremly poor working conditions, excessive fabric waste & release a high amount of toxic flames into the atmosphere.

And finally, the easiest way to stay eco-conscious this season is by simply buying less presents. We know thast its so easy to get wrapped up in the ideal of excessivly spending at Christmas, however it is certainly un-necessary. Try suggesting a secret santa exchange with a group instead of purchasing for everyone individually, allowing everyone to still enjoy the festive fun,without breaking the bank & purchasing exorbitant proportions.

Want to see how we've adopted sustainable practice at CDF? Check out our socials or recent blog posts to view how we are adapting these tips (and others) to stay sustainable this holiday period.

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