Fashion Q&A with Naomi Mongardini

Fashion Q&A with Naomi Mongardini

CD: Please introduce yourself..

NM: Hello everyone! My name is Naomi Mongardini, I am 20 years old and I live in Rome, Italy. I have achondroplasia, a condition that causes dwarfism. Despite this, I live my life in absolute normality. At 9 years old I started to perform lengthening operations on the lower and upper limbs, now I can say that even if it was hard it was worth it. I’m in my first year of uni studying languages, and in the future I see myself traveling the world experiencing new cultures. I have a determined character, sometimes too much and I often get what I want. I love animals, spending time with friends and having fun with them.

What is your favourite item of clothing and why?

Very often I wear gym tracksuits, I like to feel comfortable in my clothes.

Where do you usually shop?

At the shops in my city so that I can test how the clothes fit and sometimes I get something online.

What are you looking for in an item of clothing and why?

For me it is essential that a piece of clothing hugs our body shapes and that it makes us feel beautiful about ourselves.

What are your main challenges with clothing?

It is sometimes difficult to find the perfect sizes of trousers for example, I often buy them and then have them shortened by the seamstress.

What would you like to wear, but feel you can't?

I love high heels and I would love to wear them and show off like a model 😅. Unfortunately for my size feet, there are no suitable heels.

If you could send a message to today's designers, what would it be?

To create various garments, wearable for everyone, from the slimmest to the most curvy, for those who are short to those who are tall. So think about all the characteristics of a person's appearance.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

I follow fashion pages and some models here on Instagram... I am inspired by them and I try to wear every fashion garment with originality.

How much do you know about sustainability and how does this affect your shopping habits?

I think using sustainable fabrics like hemp or organic cotton has less impact on the planet. Therefore it is right to buy ecological fabrics.

Thank you so much Naomi for chatting with us! You can find Naomi on Instagram @naomimongardini.

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