Home Essentials for Little People

Home Essentials for Little People

Having small stature can make tasks often thought of as easy, quite a bit harder. Which is why we've rounded up some of the best home accessories, as recommended by little people across the internet, all into one place, to give you that extra hand!

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Step Stools

Adapting a space for dwarfism is often costly and not always an option especially if you are in a rented space. Therefore step stools can be very handy for reaching worktops, kitchen cupboards, baths etc. Here are two best selling step stools; the first a collapsable space saving stool and the second is non slip, perfect for bathrooms, both for less than £15! 
Collapsible Step Stool- Click Here 
Non-Slip Step Stool- Click Here 

Jar/Bottle Opener

A jar or bottle opener is perfect for anyone with low grip strength or arthritis who struggles with jar lids and ring pulls. The linked jar opener can be used to open 8 sizes of circular lids, the hooks on the top can be used to open the large-size lids by breaking the air tightness, and can also be used to open the ring pull cans all for under £10!
 Jar/ Bottle Opener- Click Here

Electric Tin Can Openers

Just as with the jar opener, an electric can opener can help if you struggle with your grip or joints in your hand. These two electric can openers, one hand-held and one table top, have great reviews and will make opening tins so simple no matter your budget!
Electric Tin Can Opener- Hand-Held- Click Here
Electric Tin Can Opener- Table-Top- Click Here

Microwave Rice Cooker

Rice cookers, despite the name, can be used to make rice, porridge, couscous and even boiled vegetables easily, in a microwave. They help alleviate the trouble of carrying pans of boiling water from the stove and are very useful if you have difficulty carrying heavy items.


Microwave Rice Cooker- Sistema- Click Here 

 Microwave Rice Cooker- Joseph Joseph- Click Here



Tap Turners

Reaching sinks can often be difficult and so as well as a stool, a tap turner can often help by extending the handle and acting as a lever for weak grip. There are a variety of tap turners available to suit whichever taps you have. 


Tap Turners- Click Here
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