New Year, New Essentials

New Year, New Essentials

Transitioning into a new year, means a fresh start for some ; for us, we see it as an oppurtunity to try new things- wether that be resoloutions/trends. Today we are going to share our little person essentials (from Amazon) that you have to try this year.

Step Ladder
Trust us, when we say a stepladder will be your best friend in day to day life. Especially, if your house is not fitted for your height (eg- tall countertops), a stool is the easiest - and safest- way to help you grab those out-of-reach products.

Wheelchair Blanket
For our wheelchair users, a specific wheelchair blanket is a DEFINITE necessity in these colder months. As it proven that not walking /moving decreases blood flow (to your legs). Potentially causing wheelchair users to get cold easily or even have cold extremities. Not only will you stay warm from this additional layer, but your back will also benefit from having a cosey cover to keep it warm. The blanket linked has a universal fit via using easy-to-use straps, an elasticsted hem for a snug fit, additional fixing & can be fit in seconds. And I mean the best part is that it comes in loads of cute & customizable patterns to fit your personality.

Sewing Machine
Although, we can all agree that diversity has been heavily promoted in the industry, short-startured people are still under represented/vocalised about in the media. As a direct reflection, high-street stores are not accommodating to little people,meaning that they reguarly struggle to find actual fitting clothes in-person and almost always have to scan the childrens section. So we believe that a Amazon essential is a sewing machine/kit to adjust the sizing of garments that just dont quite fit properly.

Shoe Inserts
Last but not least, our Amazon essential for short-statured people is gel shoe inserts. Common amongst little people, there feet may get tired and heavier much quicker than that of a average sized person. Making standing up for long periods of time much more damaging & difficult. A hack to help this is is inner comfort insoles. Specifically designed to help wearing shoes of any heel height, these insoles offer instant relief on the balls of your feet. Offering you that extra support which might just make your day that little bit easier.

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