Should we be encouraging Black Friday?

Should we be encouraging Black Friday?

With Black Friday only several hours away, we have been thinking about the purpose of Black Friday and how it has taken over the retail industry. This hyped up “sale” is known as a pivitol mark in consumers Christmas shopping, however is it really worth it? 

Is Black Friday a scam?

For instance, the media has been blowing up recently and it has been revealled that many retail companies increase their prices days before the big sale. So that when they promote a discount, it is actually the original price ; meaning customers aren’t really getting a crazy deal. It has been said that only 1 in 7 brands are actually giving a true discount, shocking when it is considered the ultimate hack to reduce your Christmas shopping.

Over consumption in the retail industry
In addition to this, Black Friday plays into the ideals of over consumption to consumers. By deals such as “15% off when you spend over £50, 20% off when you spend over £85, 25% off when you spend over £150” from retail giant River Island, it again forces the ideolgy into shoppers that the more they spend the better their discount. This is promoting customers to over-induldge and end up spending more than they need to. It is extremly uneffical of brands to push this level of unnecessary shopping onto their customers, especially in a cost of living crisis.

How do I know if I am getting a good deal?
Unfortunately, it is now harder than ever to spot if you are getting a true discount this Black Friday. However, websites such as retailinsight or omniaretail, you can track the price of products to see when is the best time to get a deal. Also, shopping at ethical brands who you believe have their customers interest at heart, will help you get a true discount this Black Friday.

Are you participating in Black Friday?
Although we’ve highlighted some negative aspects of this holiday offer, we still believe in the premise of Black Friday- giving a great discount in the festive period. So, this Black Friday you can be assured that we have your best intrests and want to save you a bit of cash too. To find out our amazing promotions, head over to our Instagram @chamiahdeweyfashion or keep an eye over on our website!

How to get a good deal?
top-tips for getting yourself the best deals this Black Friday are:

researching the product you want beforehand

Why grab a bargin if the products not good? It pays to do your research, as sale season annually shows shoppers fighting for items that are not even good quality.

research the price history

Like we previously mentioned, make sure you know that you are getting a good deal and not scammed into thinking last weeks price, is a good discount this week.

set up online accounts earlier

Prior to the 25th, make sure you already recieve the promotional offers from the key brands you are looking to shop, that way you will be first alerted when their sale starts- go grab yourself a bargin.

create a wishlist

Finally, it is easy to overspend, that way by making a list before hand, you know exactly what you need and wont get sucked into buying some tat that you won’t ever use.

So what do you think? Will you be purchasing anything in the Black Friday promotion this year? Follow our top tips to get yourself the best deal. And if you want to know more about what we are doing to combat fast fashion‘s over consumption this Black Friday, check out or latest blog post.

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