Styling Our Collection For Autumn/Winter

Styling Our Collection For Autumn/Winter

It’s officially autumn & we couldn't be more excited to pull out the seasonal wardrobe. However, there's just something's that we still haven't got enough use out of, so today I'm going to help you out and show you how to style some of our core & occasional collections for autumn.

Firstly, we've got our Lunetta trousers, which we've paired alongside our Neo corset. To make this spring look transition into autumn, we put it with a  pink wool coat to bring out the pinks from the top. This is for the outfit repeaters out there who want to keep their wardrobe all year round but add winter touches (such as a white, wool scarf)- for an all year round look.




In addition to this, we've chosen to style our Monique wrap dress for colder months. We've chose to add a pair of patterned tights and chunky boots to still look stylish, smart & keep warm. This is the perfect autumn/winter outfit that's super comfortable & easily transitional.





Finally, we have put together a couple of basics from our core collection, because sometimes less is more. For this timeless look, we've paired our white Lydia long-sleeve top with super comfy Fatmina rib leggings. To go over this, chuck on our Caitlin trench coat & be on your way.


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