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The Rise of DEWEY: Empowering the Extra Petite Woman

1 in 10 individuals in the UK and USA stand at just under 5ft tall; yet, extra petite adults often struggle to find clothing that fits them perfectly. Petite clothing lines are still too big (not to mention the fact that this category doesn’t even exist for me), and shopping in the children's section can feel embarrassing. Which is exactly why DEWEY is here to empower the extra petite individual, providing stylish solutions to their fashion struggles.

“Some reports claim 40% of American women stand 5'3″ or less in height, with 25% of those 5'1″ or shorter.”

Discovering a Gap in the Fashion Industry

The genesis of DEWEY traces back to a moment of realisation, a lightbulb moment, if you will, for our founder, Chamiah. 

DEWEY was Founded by Chamiah Dewey in 2021. In 2018, Chamiah met and worked alongside a young person of short stature on a youth program. During this time, Chamiah learnt so much about short stature and the challenges it can contribute to in day-to-day life, namely: finding clothing that fits, is designed for adult proportions, and, is actually stylish.

After this encounter, a huge impression was set upon Chamiah’s mind, she knew that she wanted to explore creating clothing for short stature people. After much research and multiple university projects later, she learnt that there wasn’t much out there for people with a short stature - especially if they wanted to feel stylish and timeless.

Thus, DEWEY was not just born out of necessity but was fuelled by a vision to celebrate and empower the extra petite woman, creating a sanctuary for the extra-petite individual to finally find the perfect fit and feel celebrated. It was here, in this gap in the fashion industry, that DEWEY found its purpose and its promise: to ensure no body under 5ft ever feels overlooked again.


Designing with the Extra Petite in Mind

At DEWEY, the essence of our creative journey focuses on revolutionising petite fashion for extra petite individuals. This is not just about altering sizes but a deep commitment from Chamiah, our founder, to craft fashion that complements the extra petite frame through ethical practices. Our designs are not scaled-down versions of regular sizes but original creations that celebrate the unique proportions of extra petite individuals, offering a blend of classic and innovative styles that aim to empower and flatter.

DEWEY prioritises a collaborative ethos, valuing feedback from the extra petite community to shape our designs. This ensures our fashion is attuned to the actual needs and desires of extra petite individual, maintaining our leadership in innovative petite fashion. We're committed to enabling extra petite individuals to dress with confidence, celebrating their unique style.

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The DEWEY Difference: More Than Just Clothing

At DEWEY, we don't simply exist as a fashion label; we flourish as a lively community for those of an extra petite frame, actively creating a sense of unity, acceptance, and empowerment. Through thoughtfully curated events and engaging online platforms, we go beyond clothing, creating a realm where individuality is celebrated, and every person is encouraged to own their height with pride and joy.

Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Successes

Embarking on the DEWEY journey, we encountered a landscape riddled with hurdles, from the initial challenges of securing a mannequin that met our exacting standards, to understanding and having the data to create a size chart that served the extra petite frame. These obstacles, whilst daunting, served as stepping stones, propelling us forward and sharpening our resolve. Through a blend of tenacity and the unwavering support of our community, we navigated these waters with a clear vision and a steadfast commitment to DEWEY.

 Celebrations have been plentiful on this journey. Each breakthrough, from our viral debut at London Fashion Week in 2022, to the heartwarming testimonials of individuals who finally found their sartorial home with us, has been a testament to what we stand for. These moments of success are not just milestones but affirmations of the impact DEWEY is making in the lives of extra petite people. They remind us of the transformative power of clothing that truly fits and the joy that comes from feeling seen and understood. As we continue to chart this course, these achievements fuel our passion and reinforce our dedication to elevating the fashion experience for the extra petite community.

The Future of DEWEY: What’s New Next?

Looking ahead, DEWEY is on an exhilarating path to further revolutionise the way extra petite individuals experience fashion. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, as we continuously seek fresh, creative avenues to delight and serve our community more effectively. Expect to see an expansion in our new height-inclusive range, incorporating groundbreaking designs and collaborations that will set new standards in petite fashion. We're not just keeping pace; we're setting the pace, anticipating the needs and desires of our audience with every step we take. We’re exploring initiatives that go beyond clothing, aiming to enrich the lives of our customers in meaningful ways. Whether it's through empowering events, insightful content, or platforms that foster deeper connections within our community, DEWEY is dedicated to being a source of inspiration and empowerment. The journey ahead is filled with promise, and we are thrilled to have you with us as we forge a future where the style and stature of every body, regardless of stature, is celebrated.

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