A collection of 30 adaptive and accessible products for people under 5ft / extra petite / short stature / disabled

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Your Extra Petite Loved Ones Under 5 foot!🎁

Why are adaptive products seen as something purely functional? Reminiscent of hospitals and medical settings… *shudder* 

In a world where style knows no boundaries, we’re on a mission to prove that adaptive products can be both functional and fashion-forward. We've curated a list of innovative and gorgeous accessories that not only cater to various needs but also add a touch of glamour to daily living.

We worked with 20 short stature and disabled individuals to bring you a comprehensive list of 30 perfect gift ideas for this festive season.


Back Scratcher and Reacher - Urban Outfitters

Gold back scratcher

Why settle for a basic back scratcher when you can have one that complements your style? Urban Outfitters brings a sleek and modern design to this everyday essential, proving that even the simplest tools can make a fashion statement.


Electric Brush Cleaner - MRSLM 

White household electric brush cleaner

Cleaning just got a high-tech upgrade with MRSLM's electric brush cleaner. This portable gadget not only keeps your home pristine, but does so in style. Say goodbye to tiring cleaning routines and hello to a touch of ease in your day.


Wheelchair Cup Accessory Kit - Ffora

A set of gold wheelchair cup accessories by Ffora

Ffora redefines accessibility with its wheelchair cup accessory kit. Designed for convenience, this kit seamlessly blends into your lifestyle while providing a practical solution. Who says accessibility can't be gold-plated?


Folding Wooden Footstool - A Place For Everything 

A chic wooden step stool.

Now, the number 1 request for this gift guide was of course, the humble step stool, but have you seen a footstool that folds and looks fabulous? A Place For Everything has nailed it. This wooden marvel combines functionality with a touch of elegance, proving that adaptive furniture can be both versatile and stylish. More on step stools later!


New Balance Children’s 503 Trainers - New Balance 

New Balance 503 trainers in off-white.

Shoes that fit small feet *AND* look good 🤝. New Balance brings fashion to the high street with these stylish and supportive trainers, ensuring that every step is taken with confidence and comfort.


Fashion Template Books For Little People - DEWEY 

Blush pink book being held over a pink background. Two illustrations of women with short stature / Dwarfism on the cover.

DEWEY understands the importance of starting young. Our Fashion Template Books for Little People empower budding designers to explore their creativity, proving that adaptive fashion begins at an early age. What better for you creative loved ones over the festive period?


Chunky Scarf - Acne Studios 

Multi-colour chunky scarf

Arguably, the cult product of this season is a vibrant chunky scarf. Acne Studios adds warmth and style to chilly days because staying cozy should never mean compromising on fashion. P.S. chunky scarfs also make great blankets or shawls for wheelchair users!


Adaptive Underwear - Victoria's Secret 

Midnight blue adaptive underwear that is front/side fastening

Victoria's Secret are pioneering inclusivity with its adaptive underwear collection on the high-street. Other brands that are doing amazing work in the space are ClipKnix and Liberare. They are redefining comfort and style, because everyone deserves to feel fabulous from the inside out.


KITTEN Wrap Heels - DEWEY 

Silver and black wrap heels with a small platform and an adaptive clasp.

Finished with an adaptive clasp and elasticated straps; DEWEY steps into the footwear game with KITTEN Wrap Heels - a special collaboration with The Little Shoe Store. Designed for small, but wide feet. Available in sizes 10-1.5 (UK children’s).


Liquid Confidence Mascara - Human Beauty 

A square-shaped mascara tube and wand.

Human Beauty brings confidence to every lash with its Liquid Confidence Mascara. Designed with an easy-to-grip design that stays put, preventing inconvenient rolls if accidentally knocked over. The wand offers versatile support for limited mobility, allowing use in any direction, and outperforms competitors with superior separation when applied upward. This product has been designed by a disabled female founder, with disabled people in mind.

Jar Opener Gripper Tool - Amazon 

Hand holding a glass jar up to a jar opener

Opening jars is no longer a struggle with this easy-to-use gripper tool from Amazon. Discrete, simple, and effective. These gripper tools can be applied to cabinets for extra stability and one-handed use.


Dressing Stick - Essential Aids 

A green and gold dressing stick

Essential Aids introduces a dressing stick that's not just functional but also sleek in design. Dressing assistance has never looked this good, proving that adaptive tools can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. This would be fab paired with a stick from Neo Walk.


Small Mittens - Trotters 

Small pink knitted mittens

We know that finding gloves for small hands is a pain, they’re almost always too long, but children’s gloves are too thin and uncomfortable. These mittens might just be your new best friend, you don’t have the issue of the fingers being too narrow, or too long - and they look just as fabulous as an adult pair!


Echo Dot - Amazon 

Amazon’s Echo-dot, a small round piece of tech (assistive device) shows the time 14:59. Next to it are some pens and a lip sugar scrub.

The Echo Dot, created by Amazon, was developed not only as a smart speaker but also as a pioneering assistive technology. Its voice-activated virtual assistant, Alexa, serves as a valuable tool for disabled individuals, offering hands-free control and accessibility features. For people with mobility challenges, the Echo Dot allows seamless control of smart devices, providing independence in managing their environment. Additionally, its voice command capabilities make it an essential tool for those with visual or motor impairments, empowering them to access information, set reminders, and engage with various applications effortlessly. The Echo Dot exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and convenience in everyday tasks.


Lace Period Pants - Wuka 

Black lace period pants

Give the gift of comfort and confidence with period pants – a thoughtful choice for disabled women. These innovative undergarments offer a hassle-free and discreet solution, eliminating the need for traditional menstrual products. With their absorbent and leak-proof design, period pants provide a reliable and comfortable option, catering to diverse needs. This gift not only ensures convenience but also promotes a sense of independence and dignity, making it a considerate and empowering choice for the women who deserve ease in every aspect of life.


Booster Seat Cushion - Poshmark 

A square cushion in a taupe colour on a neutral rug.

Many of us use cushions to boost our view, especially when driving; so why can’t it be just as stylish as us? We think these Poshmark cushions are a fabulous edition to the adaptive measures you take, whether that’s in your car, at the dining room table, or your office chair.


Easy Use Hair Curlers - Amazon

A pair of rose gold hair curlers.
Designed with ease in mind, these curlers allow for glamorous curls without the fuss. The user-friendly, one-handed operation and adaptable design cater to limited mobility, offering a liberating and empowering styling experience.


Over Bed Table - eBay 

An over the bed tabletop in black/wood. On top of it is a mug and a laptop.

A must-have for disabled individuals seeking comfort and productivity from the sanctuary of their bed. Whether working or relaxing, these tables provide a convenient surface for laptops, books, or a cozy meal. With adjustable heights and easy manoeuvrability, they cater to various needs, promoting independence and ease of use.


Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau - Apple Books

A copy of Demistifying Disability. The cover is a light green, with numerous carton illustrations of disability in all its forms.

What to Know, What to Say, and How to be an Ally. An approachable guide to being a thoughtful, informed ally to disabled people, with actionable steps for what to say and do (and what not to do) and how you can help make the world a more accessible, inclusive place. Because understanding is the first step towards inclusivity.


Cosy Crocs - Crocs 

A pair of beige fleece-lined crocs

It is said that Crocs are one of the few pairs of shoes that are accessible for small but wide feet, so these fleece-lined ones might just be your new favourite winter warmers.

Hot Water Bottle - Lindy Roo 

6 hot water bottles in various colourful checked fabric

Lindy Roo's hot water bottle cover adds warmth and charm to chilly nights. What we loved about these ones is their unique look, different to the classic furry hot water bottles. Also a fab idea for your friends who live with chronic pain!


Foot Door Lock - Behance 

A foot-operated lock for public restrooms - to be used else-where too

This innovative lock empowers users of all ages and genders, particularly catering to those with disabilities, to secure and release the stall door effortlessly, all without the need for hand contact. With simplicity at its core, this durable and efficient foot door lock not only addresses accessibility concerns but also sets a new standard for convenience and hygiene. 


Two-Handle Mug - Single Handed Products

Two pink double-handle mugs

A stylish and functional masterpiece crafted for those with limited mobility and strength. This two-handled mug offers unparalleled ease of use and a touch of elegance to your daily routine. The thoughtful design ensures a dignified and aesthetic solution, embracing the fusion of form and function – where practicality meets sophistication.


    Philips Smart Light System - Philips 

    A living room with subtle hue lighting. The room is modern. At the edge of the frame is a TV.

    By eliminating the concern of reaching light switches, this smart lighting system empowers everyone to effortlessly control and customise their lighting experience, fostering an environment of independence and convenience. Seamlessly illuminating your world, Philips Hue ensures that accessibility is not just a feature but a transformative aspect of daily living.


      Elasticated Bracelet - Deegnt 

      Two elasticated bracelets of gold and crystal beads with heart pendants

      Deegnt introduces an elasticated bracelet that seamlessly combines fashion with functionality. A versatile accessory designed with accessibility in mind. Tailored for ease of wear, these bracelets offer a stretchy design, eliminating the struggle of clasps for individuals with dexterity challenges.


        Wheelchair Mouse Decoration - Target 

        A felt mouse decoration for the Christmas tree. The mouse wears a green jumper and sits in a red wheelchair.

          This festive wheelchair-user mouse is a gift of meaningful representation, creating a festive atmosphere that truly mirrors the rich tapestry of humanity. Because when it comes to spreading cheer, there's nothing quite like a touch of personal and inclusive magic.


          Folding Stools - eBay 

          pink and blue fold away stools on a wooden floor

          eBay presents folding stools that are not only compact but also aesthetically pleasing. Transform your seating arrangements with these versatile and stylish stools.


            IZZY Sliders - DEWEY 

            A pair of pink wedge sliders with an elasticated wrap

            Designed for small, but wide feet, the IZZY slider by The Little Shoe Store, is made with high-quality leather, ensuring both durability and sophistication. The elasticated design provides a comfortable and secure fit, while the wedge 5cm wedge and 2cm platform adds height for a stylish lift.


              Mini Handbag - Johnny Loves Rosie 

              A mini handbag in a pastel pink vegan leather

              Chamiah’s personal favourite work bag. This vegan Johnny Loves Rosie mini Taylor tote bag is the perfect gift this season. It comes with a crossbody strap for even more accessibility too.


              Mini Hair Dryer - Calista

              A mini pink hair dryer that folds down 

              This compact dryer effortlessly combines portability with practicality, offering a hassle-free styling experience for individuals with disabilities. Its lightweight design and foldaway feature make it easy to handle and store, ensuring that beauty routines become more accessible without compromising on style.

              A parting word…

              Our curated list of 30 perfect gift ideas for this festive season shatters stereotypes, showcasing the intersection of innovation and elegance. From a gold back scratcher to wheelchair cup accessories in gold-plating, each product is meticulously designed to cater to various needs while adding a touch of sophistication to daily living.

              DEWEY collaborated with 20 short-statured and disabled individuals to bring you a comprehensive collection that redefines the perception of adaptive products. From chic wooden footstools to New Balance children's trainers, we've curated a selection that not only serves diverse needs but also elevates your lifestyle with a fashionable flair.

              DEWEY's mission to create discretely adaptive products that look and feel great is evident in every carefully chosen item. We believe that function doesn't have to lack fashion, and our curated collections are a testament to the endless possibilities at the intersection of style and inclusivity.

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