Wheelchair Friendly Accesories

Wheelchair Friendly Accesories

As I'm sure many of you celebrated Purple Tuesday this week, promoting accessibility and improving the disabled customer experience, we thought it important, as an adaptive brand, to highlight products out there that can make life easier for wheelchair users. It is estimated that just under 1.5 million people in the UK use a wheelchair, including a lot of Little People. As we unfortunately live in often unaccessible world we thought we'd round up accessories for your wheelchair that can help, as recommended by wheelchair users across the internet. 
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Wheelchair cushions

Wheelchairs can become uncomfortable, especially if not padded, so this cushion memory foam cushion can provide support to your back, hips and legs. The memory foam material, not only provides comfort, but it will spring back to shape after each use, retaining its function and never flattening!
Wheelchair cushion available HERE

Wheelchair Bag

Being able to have everything you want with you can become impossible quickly, but this spacious bag can hook onto the back of nearly any wheelchair, and its waterproof! No wonder it has so many rave reviews.
Wheelchair bag available HERE

Walking Stick Holder

When going between different mobility aids, it is important to have easy access to them; which is why this genius stick/crutch holder is an essential in our books! it can attach the stick to the back of your wheelchair when not needed and help when resting it against other surfaces due to its soft grip rubber material and ability to bend to fit any stick, crutch or cane!
wheelchair stick holder
Walking stick holder available HERE

Wheelchair Armrest Cover

Especially as we're getting into the winter months, comfort and warmth is even more crucial. These sherpa covered armrest covers are perfect as they are memory foam, non slip and adjustable so will fit almost all chairs- and can be transferred onto an office chair etc at work or home!
wheelchair armrests- chamiah dewey fashion
Wheelchair armrests available HERE

Cup/ Phone Holder Accessory

The simple addition of a cup holder can mean one less thing in a bag that you have to reach for, and so this handy cup holder is a no-brainer, especially with a built in phone holder too! The cup holder is also silicone lined to prevent beverages from spilling so don't worry about your pumpkin spiced latte this holiday season!
Cup holder - chamiah dewey fashion
Lock on cup/phone holder available HERE
We hope that run down helps; be sure to add any more suggestions in the comments below and look out for our weekly blogs for more adaptive and style tips!
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